About Us

Meeting business leaders at points of opportunity to help them discover and implement a framework for success.

Doing Good at Work is a 501(C)(3) educational nonprofit, operating like a for-profit company.

Better People
Better Business
Better Results

Our Guarantee

We deliver a simple framework, that if applied correctly, will reduce frustration, maximize opportunity, and increase the bottom line.

Our Why: Change Business | Change the World

The E  Proven Process


Building relationships and encouraging personal alignment.


Discovering the current position and creating a new course of action.


Renewing the Mind & positioning everyone for maximum results.


Retooling for success and tracking transformation.


Reinvesting profit and achieving Total Societal Impact (TSI).


Our Principles

People Matter: Caring for the whole person first

Life-Giving Work: Creating culture that flourishes

Collaboration: Committing to radical change over time

Keep it Simple: Eliminating Unnecessary Complexity

God is Good: Honoring God and Doing Good in His name

What makes us unique

Caring For Leaders

Redeeming Business

Changing the World

Our Values

Who We Are

Boomer Brown, Founder

Dr. Boomer Brown, PhD serves as the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) and Visionary for Doing Good @ Work, Inc. As a business owner & leader, educator, international conference speaker, author, executive coach, board member, and adviser, his leadership has garnered him the respect of business and community leaders across various industries and cities.


With 34 years of business experience, Boomer has lead organizations with over 600 employees and managed IT and services contracts valued from $10M to $500M. His last assignment at the IBM Global Services Executive Briefing Center produced record growth and superior customer satisfaction.


He believes work and business are good, profit is a must, and companies should invest in people, leaders, and process to yield the greatest profitability. He is committed to connecting the heart and mind of business leaders to change world. He believes business is a key piece in creating Total Societal Impact.

His simple, positive, and authentic communication style appeals to a diverse audience. He is passionate about his family, his faith, and service to others. He is committed to caring for business leaders, redeeming business, and changing the world. When we change business, we change the world!


We meet people where they are and respect them. We intentionally position ourselves to support and encourage flourishing in their lives & Organizations.



We are real, genuine, caring people who listen generously, speak straight, appreciate others, and value the journey of life.



We will do our best to deliver quality, timely, valued added services that will help people  

flourish in business and help businesses flourish through people.



We will guide you in the process of applying the universal principles of flourishing, so you create your unique and fulfilling expression.


Navigational Team

Ken Martin

Ken Martin Pic.jpg

Kenneth P. Martin, CPA joined Stancil & Company in 1989 following five years in the banking industry and helps lead the firm’s tax planning and tax compliance practice areas. Ken emphasizes the importance of applying strategic thought to our clients’ issues, enabling them to make wise planning decisions, both from a tax perspective and from an overall management perspective. Ken is diligent in his efforts to stay up-to-date on the latest tax developments and strategies so that our firm can assist clients in making strategic decisions that minimize taxes over both the short and long term.


Ken is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants. Ken is also a member of the Taxation Committee with the NCACPA’s.

Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson’s career included twenty-three years in consumer products. Leadership roles included a two-time role as Vice President of Sales for branded apparel companies and eight and one-half years leading and developing his own business, TQA, Inc that he sold to Brook Sports Inc. At Brooks, Tom served as Vice President of Apparel Operations and Manufacturing.

After leaving consumer products, Tom later started Thompson Leadership and Business Consulting. Three consulting projects involving human resource issues and hiring strategies greatly influenced Tom’s interest in Doing Good at Work. Tom added Brand Advancements in 2011 which focused on leadership coaching, brand, and product strategy.


Tom and his family wife Carrie, son Seth and daughter Hannah relocated to Raleigh, NC in the summer of 2016.

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